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The Mr. Folkens Wiki Page



Junior High Science

11/19 Volcano Video

1/29 Earth science Ocean life

2/5 Earth science Ocean exploration

2/24 Interactive Atmosphere

2/26 Jr High Atmosphere Page

4/6 Climate

??? The Sun, Inner Planets, and Moon a Mr. Folkens Original

9th/10th Business

12/4 Business Article

12/4 Concentration wk 14

12/8 Car Purchase WebQuest

2/18 Chapter 15 Business Activity

2/24 Chapter 15 Social Security Activity

3/3 Chapter 15 Concentration Activity

3/9 Chapter 15 Retirement and Estate Planning Test


Junior High Math

12/4 Fraction Estimation Battleship

2/4 Interactive Slope of a Line

2/25 Shadows and Proportions

3/4 Donald and Mathemagic


9th/10th Biology

9/2 Recycling

12/9 Bacteria

1/27 Biology Plant reproduction

3/4 Types of Animal Behavior

11th/12th Practical Math

12/2 Parallel and Perpendicular Lines

12/3 Slope of Parallel and Perpendicular Lines

12/8 Graphing by using slope intercept form

2/17 Triangles and Proportional Segments

2/18 Parallel Lines and Proportional Segments


9th/10th Geometry

12/10 Properties of Triangles

2/25 Graphing the line y = mx + b

2/25 Point Slope form Calculator

Just for Fun! 

  • Do you know your countries in the Middle East? Try this activity.
  • How good is your vocabulary???? Try this activity to prove yourself. Free Rice
  • Watch this video I made.









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